Community Plans

Yelm has always looked ahead and planned for the future.  The Town Council commissioned its first comprehensive plan in 1958, a plan relating to access on the “proposed state highway”.  In 1971 the Town Council adopted “comprehensive zoning regulations for the Town of Yelm” establishing goals, policies, and regulations for the future development of the town.

The Washington State Growth Management Act of 1990 required a new level of planning for certain cities and counties, including Yelm.  The City Council adopted a new comprehensive plan in 1995 that implemented the requirements of the Growth Management Act by integrating land use with the planning and financing of urban infrastructure.

The City has continuously updated the Plan since 1995 to remain consistent with changes to the Growth Management Act and to include a sustainability objective that guides the policies of the City Council.

Comprehensive Plan
is the core document that defines the vision and future of Yelm.  The goals and policies of this plan cover the required elements of the Growth Management Act .
Transportation Plan is the capital facilities plan for Yelm’s transportation system.  It was updated in 2009 and used a regional transportation model to identify road improvements and connectors that will ensure levels of service are maintained for the next 20 to 30 years while accommodating increasing regional traffic and local growth.

Water System Plan is the facilities plan for potable water.  It was updated in 2009 and identifies improvements such as new wells, treatment plants, reservoirs, and distribution mains needed to serve Yelm’s growing population over the next 20 to 30 years.  The plan also identifies mitigation projects needed to support the water rights approved by the Department of Ecology for Yelm’s future growth.

General Sewer Plan is currently being updated and provides an overall plan for improvements to the sewer system infrastructure needed to accommodate anticipated growth.  The plan will be followed by a facilities report that details necessary improvements and their costs.
Parks Plan was updated in 2008 and identifies the needs of the community for parks and recreation.
Yelm Vision Plan was commissioned by the Yelm Chamber of Commerce in 1994.  The City participated in the visioning process and included those vision statements under the control of the City into the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations.  The design guidelines, for example, were created in 1996 and directly implement the vision plans direction on the look and feel of new commercial buildings locating in Yelm.