Executive Roles & Responsibilities

The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve as the professional administrator of the City and is responsible for implementing the City Council’s policies by overseeing the management of City departments, administering personnel and labor relations, the City budget, and the day-to-day operations of the City.

The Human Resource Department is responsible for the overall effectiveness of policies, programs, activities and functions that support the work of our dedicated team of employees.

The City Clerk preserves the legislative history of the City and is responsible for the management and preparation of Council meeting agendas, packets, meeting notices, and the recording of meetings and actions taken; maintains official minutes of all proceedings, records ordinances, resolutions and other City documents and public records.

The City Attorney is a contracted position responsible for advising the Mayor, City Council, and Executive Department on all legal matter. The City Attorney also serves as the City Prosecutor.

The Executive Assistant is responsible for leading, coordinating, and providing all administrative support services to City departments, as well as an integrated, one-stop, customer service experience for the many people and organizations we strive to serve