Civil Services Commission

Yelm Police
A civil service commission is established, consisting of three members
who are appointed by the mayor and serve without compensation.

Members shall meet the qualifications prescribed by state law and shall be appointed for a six-year term, commencing on the first day of July of odd-numbered years. In making first appointments, the mayor shall designate one member to serve for a two-year term, one to serve for four years, and one to serve for a six-year term. Thereafter, as each term expires, appointments shall be made for a six-year term.

Vacancies occurring other than through the expiration of a term shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the mayor. Members may be removed for the reasons provided by state law, after a hearing before the council or a committee thereof, and a vacancy may be declared by the mayor in the event any member ceases to be a resident of the city.