Staff Directory

If you experience a water system malfunction or emergency after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays, please call 360-704-2740.

If you experience a sewer malfunction after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays, or if your sewer alarm comes on, please call 360-458-8411.

For all other emergencies or if you are unable to get through, please call 911.

Department First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Executive JW Foster Mayor (360)-458-8401
Executive Michael Grayum City Administrator (360)-458-8405
Executive Dana Spivey Exec. Assistant to
City Administrator & Mayor (360)-458-8816
Yelm City Council EJ Curry Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Molly Carmody Councilmember (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Cody Colt Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Tad Stillwell Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Tracey Wood Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Joe DePinto Council Member (360)-458-3244
Yelm City Council Terry Kaminski Council Member (360)-458-3244
Executive Lori Lucas City Clerk & HR Manager (360)-458-8402
Finance Joseph Wolfe Finance Director (360)-458-8403
Finance Heidi MacDonald Senior Accountant (360)-458-8404
Finance Grace Friberg Utility Clerk (360)-458-8815
Executive Ashlee Sund Administrative Assistant (360)-458-3835
Executive Michelle Christin Administrative Assistant (360)-458-3244
Community Development Grant Beck Community Development Director (360)-458-8408
Community Development Chris Vaccaro Building Official (360)-458-8407
Community Development John Rowland Building Inspector (360)-458-8475
Executive Karen Bennett HR Specialist (360)-458-8450
Community Development Tami Merriman Associate Planner (360)-458-8496
Municipal Court Sonia Ramirez Court Administrator (360)-458-3242
Municipal Court Donni Burnham Court Clerk court@yelmwagov._ (360)-458-3242
Police Department Todd Stancil Police Chief (360)-458-5080
Police Department Adam Wood Sergeant (360)-458-5557
Police Department Rob Carlson Sergeant (360)-458-5513
Police Department Jared Geray Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Bill DeVore Detective (360)-458-5701
Police Department Chris Davis Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Devon Taylor Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Anthony Sparkuhl Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Donna McCann Administrative Assistant (360)-458-5701
Police Department Dan Rozier Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Joel Turner Sergeant (360)-458-5701
Police Department Matt Rompa Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Pat Clark Records Clerk (360)-458-5701
Police Department Stacy Field Community Outreach Officer (360)-458-5701
Police Department Tillman Atkins Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Public Works Chad Bedlington Public Works Director (360)-458-8412
Public Works Patrick Hughes Project Manager (360)-458-8499
Public Works Bill VanBuskirk Treatment Plant Manager (360)-458-8430
Public Works Jennifer Beauchamp Administrative Assistant (360)-458-8406
Public Works Aris McClelland Treatment Plant Operator (360)-458-8426
Public Works Tyler Harper Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works John Edwards Mechanic johne@yelmwa.go (360)-458-8406
Public Works John Ivey Water Plant Operator johni@yelmwa.govs (360)-458-8406
Executive Andrew Kollar Communications Specialist (360)-458-8420
Public Works Ryan Edwards Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works Ted Johnson Treatment Plant
Operator Assistant (360)-458-8426
Public Works Jonathan Richards Water Plant Operator (360)-458-4806
Public Works Tobie Stevens Field Supervisor (360)-458-8406
Public Works Tony Edwards Water Plant Operator (360)-458-8406
Public Works Tony Reece Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Public Works Eric Kolb Maintenance Worker (360)-458-8406
Technology Jason Hardy System Administrator (360)-458-5705
Finance Michael Malek Accounting Assistant (360)-458-8437
Public Works Mike Irvin Custodian (360)-458-8406
Community Development Derek McCoy Civil Review Engineer (360)-458-8132
Police Department Brad Bard Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701
Technology Aaron Green Computer Support Specialist (360)-458-5704
Public Works Jared Swanson Treatment Plant Operator (360)-458-1210
Public Works Jeremy Campeau (360)-878-1467
Police Department Don Moody Patrol Officer (360)-458-5701