Yelm Rotary Club- Joining the Rotary Club of Yelm means different things to our different people.  Some members enjoy the weekly camaraderie and support that Rotarians provide one other.  To some, the biggest benefit is meeting and serving families and social service organizations in our community.  Others find a satisfaction in knowing they’re impacting the world for the better on a national and worldwide level.  Some members enjoy the leadership and learning opportunities available through weekly meetings and serving on a Rotary Club of Yelm committee or in the District Rotary community. Whatever your purpose for pursuing a social service network, you will be able to find an opportunity to expand your knowledge and combine your talents with others to serve Yelm and beyond.

Yelm Lions Club- The Lions of Yelm are proud of their history of 64 years of service.   The club actively supports its local community, as well as national and international causes through community service projects.

Nisqually River Council - The Nisqually River Council is a non-regulatory coordination, advocacy and education organization with a rich history. The NRC was established in 1987 as a forum to connect agencies, citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations and to encourage collaboration and strong partnerships. A Citizens Advisory Committee assures citizen representation during the decision making process. Originally established to form management actions for the Nisqually River corridor, the focus of the NRC has since been expanded to capture the entire Nisqually River basin.

Nisqually Land Trust -The Nisqually Land Trust is an independent, private, nongovernmental organization incorporated in 1989 and federally recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 1990.

Their mission is to acquire and manage critical lands to permanently benefit the water, wildlife, and people of the Nisqually River Watershed. In August of 2013, we were awarded national accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a mark of conservation excellence achieved by fewer than 20 percent of land trusts nationwide.

Yelm Senior Center- The purpose of the Yelm Senior Center is to enhance the health and dignity of seniors; to support their independence; to provide access to vital services, nutrition, and social situations. And to serve as a focal point for seniors to come together for meals, services and activities to enhance their physical and mental health.